Press Release | August 17, 2022

Belleville Township High School District 201 Opens New Center for Academic & Vocational Excellence


Belleville, IL – Belleville Township High School District 201 opened the doors to the C.A.V.E. – a brand new state-of-the-art high school campus dedicated to re-imagining vocational and advanced academic studies on August 17, 2022.

The possibilities are limitless at the C.A.V.E. for high school students in Belleville. Over the past year, we have built the most advanced and innovative high school in the region dedicated to being an incubator for tomorrow’s leaders. 

Brian Mentzer | BTHS 201 Superintendent

At The Center for Academic and Vocational Excellence – The C.A.V.E., students are able to enroll in wide range of vocational programs that involve advanced courses beyond what is offered on Belleville’s two main high school campuses. Students will earn dual college credit for courses and embark on their chosen career paths.

Curriculum choices include culinary arts, welding, carpentry, automotive, machining and metal.  In addition, the C.A.V.E. plans to implement early childhood education, advanced technology training, healthcare, and certified nursing assistant programs in the coming year.

“The C.A.V.E. has been under construction for just under a year and was completed without raising any additional tax or capital funds,” said Mentzer. “The C.A.V.E. has partnered with over 25 businesses to develop public/private partnerships and educational opportunities for our students.”

The new complex was built at the former Kings Point facility in west Belleville and offers many new learning experiences for students including an e-sports studio. Students can also utilize a field house that features indoor tennis courts, an indoor turf practice field, batting cages, a dance studio, and a golf simulator.

“We are removing barriers from students’ lives and increasing their access to programs that set them onto great career paths,” said Mentzer. “It is a revolutionary approach to secondary education that sets Belleville apart from other schools in the region. This building is not meant to replace or downplay our other campuses, but to compliment and serve as a pathway for student success.”

In addition, the C.A.V.E. also has a dedicated wing for the District’s Alternative Day Program.  This new facility replaces temporary buildings at Belleville East and West High School and was designed to meet the unique needs of at-risk students with physical, emotional, social, and educational needs in order to successfully transition back to Belleville East or West High School or on to college or a career.

A public open house is planned for Tuesday, September 13, 2022 from 4PM to 8PM at the C.A.V.E located at 7654 Magna Drive in Belleville, Illinois.  For more information on Belleville Township High School District 201’s newest campus, please visit